Serenity holding keepsake bear Trinity Khaleesi McAtamney-Greenwood
Angelversaries: Abbie Jayne Horner (17th Aug 2011)      Angel Birthdays: Abbie Jayne Horner (17th Aug 2011)      Angels gained in the month of August: Lily May Deakin (29th Jul 2010 - 3rd Aug 2010), Matthew John Handoll (8th Aug 1989), Bonnie-Rae Coss-Smethurst (10th Aug 2015), Ethan John Moore (10th Aug 2015), Mark Allen Gregory Jr (22nd Jan 2005 - 13th Aug 2005), Trinity Khaleesi McAtamney-Greenwood (12th Mar 2015 - 13th Aug 2015), Jax-Regan Cadd (15th Aug 2015), Abbie Jayne Horner (17th Aug 2011), William Paul Raybould (21st Aug 1999), Baby Rimmer (21st Aug 1997), William Wong (26th Aug 2014), Harry Vince (29th Aug 2010), Alton Percival Roberts (30th Aug 2015)      To add your angels angelversary dates to our marquee please email us at To submit your organisations details for inclusion in the sites support or information sections please email us at If you would like to help us at our events or wish to share your story please email us at

Welcome to The Pink Mile

The Pink Mile was founded by the parents of Serenity & Trinity McAtamney-Greenwood. We also fundraise for various charities and support organisations to help improve NHS services and support for bereaved parents and their families.

Latest News

Cuddle-Cot Update

Sat 08th Sep 2018

Trinity's Cuddle-Cot fundraising target update.

Fundraise 4 Us

Fri 01st Dec 2017 - Fri 30th Nov 2018

Do you want to run your own fundraiser?

Coming Up

Family Disco 2018

Sat 13th Oct 2018

Get ready for a night of fun and help us to support berieved families as they travel thier own Pink Miles of grief.

Wave of Light 2018

Mon 15th Oct 2018

This years global Wave of Light

Our Aims

The main aims of The Pink Mile are to help support grieving families of child loss regardless of the age or gestation of the child.

The main areas we are working to improve are:

  • Medical Equipment to help bereaved parents at the early stage of their loss
  • Public Service Procedures to improve how bereaved parents are treated
  • Online Support to ensure every bereaved parent has someone to talk to
  • Government Petitions to ensure all bereaved parents have the benefits they need so they can grieve without fear of repercussions
  • Implement new services both locally and nationally to help both the newly bereaved and those who have a pregnancy after a loss
  • Provide "Emergency Wash Kits" so parents never feel like they have to leave their sick child while in hospital with an unexpected stay
  • Sharing our stories so that we can break the taboo around talking about child loss

This website is being put together with information collected from all of the families we have contact with and we hope that as this information grows it will help ever more bereaved families to understand their journey of grief. We also hope this information will help friends and family so that they are better able to support bereaved parents and ensure that we can all talk freely about our angels.

We are not alone in grief.